Posted by: Lauren | February 13, 2009

Movie Extras Needed Tomorrow at 6 AM

For tomorrow, Saturday, February 14, they now need about 300 more people and are now specifying “Sunday best” instead of formal wear. The stars are supposed to be on set tomorrow, too. Please share this with anyone you know who appears over the age of 15 (they currently have enough younger-looking extras).


Show up at the Carmel Mission Inn at the corner of Hwy 1 and Rio Road in Carmel at 6 am on Saturday in something nice, plus two extra outfits (try to have an outfit without much black), and an umbrella, snacks, and water, and you’re in!!  A warm coat and comfortable shoes to wear during downtime are a good idea, too.

At Carmel Mission Inn, the Wardrobe department will choose which outfit you will wear, then you put your other clothes in your car, then you move your car to the Carmel Crossroads parking lot and board a shuttle bus to the set at the Sunset Center in Carmel.



  1. Wish I could go just to see you! We’re off to Seattle tomorrow and Vancouver on Sunday.

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