Posted by: Lauren | April 16, 2009

Carmel River State Beach

Carmel River State Beach, originally uploaded by laurenmi.

Photo of Carmel River State Beach taken from Scenic Road in Carmel, California, on April 12, 2009.

Posted by: Lauren | March 22, 2009

What is it?

What is it?, originally uploaded by laurenmi.

Do you know what this is? Leave a comment if you do.

Photographed on the Sobranes Canyon Trail in Garrapata State Park off of Highway One, Monterey County, California, March 22, 2009.

Posted by: Lauren | March 20, 2009

San Carlos Cathedral, Monterey, California

San Carlos Cathedral, Monterey, California, originally uploaded by laurenmi.

This is Monterey’s cathedral, The San Carlos Cathedral, also known as the Royal Presidio Chapel, California’s longest continually operating house of worship, founded in 1770.

An extensive restoration project is currently underway. The building you see here was completed in 1794.  It looked like they were working on the bell tower the other day.

Photo taken March 18, 2009.

Posted by: Lauren | March 15, 2009

Jade Cove, Point Lobos

Jade Cove, Point Lobos, originally uploaded by laurenmi.

This is Jade Cove at Point Lobos State Reserve.

March 15, 2009

Posted by: Lauren | February 13, 2009

Movie Extras Needed Tomorrow at 6 AM

For tomorrow, Saturday, February 14, they now need about 300 more people and are now specifying “Sunday best” instead of formal wear. The stars are supposed to be on set tomorrow, too. Please share this with anyone you know who appears over the age of 15 (they currently have enough younger-looking extras).


Show up at the Carmel Mission Inn at the corner of Hwy 1 and Rio Road in Carmel at 6 am on Saturday in something nice, plus two extra outfits (try to have an outfit without much black), and an umbrella, snacks, and water, and you’re in!!  A warm coat and comfortable shoes to wear during downtime are a good idea, too.

At Carmel Mission Inn, the Wardrobe department will choose which outfit you will wear, then you put your other clothes in your car, then you move your car to the Carmel Crossroads parking lot and board a shuttle bus to the set at the Sunset Center in Carmel.

Posted by: Lauren | February 9, 2009

Snow in Carmel Valley, California

Photo taken on Cachagua Road. February 9, 2009.

Posted by: Lauren | February 9, 2009

Be a Star in Carmel

There’s a film currently in production in Carmel, California.  Its working title is “Carmel the Movie.”  Stars include Lauren Bacall, Alfred Molina, Billy Boyd and Hayden Pannetiere.  Act quickly and you may be able to be one of 800 extras needed this Friday and Saturday!  

Edited to add:  I don’t have permission from the movie company to post their email addresses, so please leave me a comment if you would like me to send them to you.

Here is the info you will need:


I am hearing that many people are having trouble emailing my address.  If you have had any emails bounce, try emailing me at

If you haven’t received my *CONFIRM 800* email, please read and reply to the email below. If you have received it, please disregard and delete.

Hello everyone,

This is an email about volunteering as extras on February 13 and 14.  If you do not wish to, or are not available Feb 13 or 14, please don’t trouble yourself to read the remainder of this email. I have a database of a 1000 people and I need to make sure I don’t miss anyone. I apologize if you have already told me you are not interested.

For those that are available:

This email may seem similar to others you have responded to in the past, but this is one is to CONFIRM you are planning on volunteering February 13 and/or February 14th. If you are not available on one or both of these days, please disregard this email and do not respond to this particular email. I only need those planning on volunteering Feb 13 and/or Feb 14 to email me a response.   I am scheduling 800 extras over these two days, so I appreciate your cooperation.  Please read and process the following instructions: 


  1. Please be prepared to volunteer all day (8 to 14 hour day).  We cannot have volunteers who cannot commit to full day/days on Feb 13 and 14 (you may volunteer one or both days).
  2. Please be prepared to start as early as 5 am.
  3. Please bring three outfits of your nicest formal daywear and if possible send a photo of you in each outfit (see more info at the bottom).
  4. Please eat breakfast beforehand, bring a water bottle, and bring lunch and snacks to sustain you throughout the day (please note that we need everyone to remain on set until we wrap for the day).
  5. Please bring a book, magazines, etc because there will be down time.
  6. Please note that we are at capacity for children under 16.
  7. Your involvement on this film is highly appreciated, but it is on a volunteer basis and therefore does not include any form of monetary compensation.
  8. After you read these instructions and if you decide to volunteer Feb 13 and/or Feb 14, please email me a confirmation ASAP, but hold your questions for a few days (I have answered some questions below).  With your confirmation email please include the subject header *CONFIRM 800*, and the following in the body of the email for each family member/friend volunteering

                1. Name

                2. Age
                3. Email
                4. Phone
                5. Address
                6. Feb 13 (Y or N)
                7. Feb 14 (Y or N)
I will send another email in about a week that will give you detailed instructions, but for now, here is some info about what to expect and what you will need to wear: 

Carmel the Movie focuses on a troubled 16-year-old boy, who wanders into Carmel, falls into the wrong crowd and becomes involved in art forgery.  The movie stars Josh Hutcherson, Lauren Bacall, Billy Boyd, Alfred Molina, Dina Eastwood, Scott Eastwood, and Hayden Panettiere.

The Feb 13 and 14 scene takes place at the Sunset Center in Carmel-by-the-Sea. These two days call for hundreds of well-dressed partygoers.  As a result, please dress in formal daywear such as something you would wear to a formal opera matinée or cocktail party.  If possible, you will need to bring three separate outfits (please wear one to the Sunset Center and bring two other outfits).  Our wardrobe department will select which outfit works best for the scene, then you will put the extra clothes back into your car. The clothing options should be differing in color and contain no logos. Women may select one black outfit and two others of different colors.  Men may select three suits (if possible) with different color ties and dress shirts (one white, two of differing colors).   

If possible, please email me pictures of you in each of the 3 separate outfits (this will be of great help to me!).  We can then notify you of which outfit to wear to the set, which will help speed up the check-in process (but please bring the other two choices as well). 

This movie wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful support of everyone in Carmel, Monterey and surrounding areas!  

If you have read and understood this email, and would like to volunteer please follow the directions addressed in number 8 above.   

Thank you so much for your time. 


Carmel the Movie
Extras Casting

Posted by: Lauren | January 31, 2009

The Beaches of Monterey, Pacific Grove, and Carmel

If you enjoy the beaches of the Monterey Peninsula, you will love this peaceful video of film and photos of the beaches of Monterey, Pacific Grove, and Carmel.  It is graciously shared with by another local blog, Cats, Knit and Tango.

Posted by: Lauren | December 24, 2008

Golden State Theatre, Alvarado Street, Monterey, California

Photo taken during the Tuesday evening farmer’s market, December 23, 2008.

Posted by: Lauren | December 23, 2008

Gingko Leaves: Near and Far

Gingko Leaves, originally uploaded by laurenmi.

Monterey Peninsula College, Monterey, California, US

It was the beginning of winter break and the campus was deserted.  At midday the leaves were perfectly untrampled.

Gingko Tree and Leaves

Posted by: Lauren | December 16, 2008

Snow in Carmel Valley, California

Snow in the middle of December!  Only a 30 mile drive from Highway One on Carmel Valley Road.

Posted by: Lauren | November 23, 2008

The Beach in November

100_5760, originally uploaded by laurenmi.

Carmel River State Beach

Autumn is when we see our warmest, sunniest weather.

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